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Buddy was a domineering side leakage of urine kingdom of bicycles – Sohu travel bicycle kingdom of Amsterdam, whether it is out of the train station, or a river, or a public boat, parked the bike: every kind of retro, graffiti, with a bucket, double…… Walk a little camera, you will hear a ringing tone, suggesting that you give way. The central station domineering automatic garage when I stood out from Amsterdam’s central train, see the opposite domineering side leakage of bicycle parking on the street and the boathouse by bike I The stream never stops flowing., truly understand that the original Amsterdam really is a well deserved reputation in the kingdom of bicycles, time seems to transfer to Beijing in 80s and 90s, Beijing is different from the old Amsterdam, a bicycle rider style and all kinds of personality dress. Mimizaza bike filled the parking garage, the garage opposite the train station is very special, like a permanent ship moored at the beach, in order to better use of space, where the use of double interleaved storage methods. The storage of bicycles, through hoops is convenient for people to pull or push the tail, saving time and effort. Street riding a rave in Amsterdam, street cyclists turned out to be my greatest joys of travel. Here, the riding is not sports fans or young, everyone, rich or poor, all very leisurely, youYou Bupo riding a bike. Some people use the term "rave" to describe the traffic in Amsterdam, it is quite vivid imagination. Whether work, walk the dog, pick up the child, to see the exhibition, freight, whether wearing sportswear, denim suit, skirt, dress, are riding a bicycle, all free shuttle in the high streets and back lanes in Amsterdam. Sometimes I stand in the corner of the street look attentively, will hear * ting-a-ling-a-ling car ringing, they remind me, kindly don’t wander the way. Streets and lanes throughout the various kinds of bicycle is a kingdom of bicycles, not too absolute. In Amsterdam the streets and lanes everywhere bicycle figure. The Amsterdam canal is large in almost every river, along the street are locked bikes, do not feel awkward, but has become a unique landscape in Amsterdam city. Many bicycles in Amsterdam have also been decorated very distinctive, some bike hung on both sides of retro and stylish Canvas Messenger Bag, some front loaded pastoral natural wicker baskets, some bicycle alone hung dazzling colorful bell, some body color painted colorful, some bike like a hippo’s mouth, front push two large, twin brother lay in the bucket and Dad together happily in the city to see the scenery, there are two bicycles, mother and daughter go out very love very fashionable. The canal crisscross is replaced by a car bike bicycle achievement become traffic primary tool in Amsterdam, and here the city planning is closely related to the absolute. The Amsterdam canal相关的主题文章:

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Ren Yuan Jiajun, deputy secretary of the Zhejiang provincial Wang Huizhong no longer serve as (Figure) recently, the CPC Central Committee decided: Comrade Ren Yuan Jiajun, deputy secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, comrade Wang Huizhong no longer serve as Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang post. Yuan Jiajun, male, Han nationality, born in September 1962 in Jilin, Tonghua. July 1987 to join the Communist Party of China in November 1992. Aerospace Research Institute of space technology department (five) spacecraft design graduate, postgraduate degree, doctor of engineering. Former deputy director of the Department of aerospace five 501 structure room, deputy director of the 501 Department of Aerospace Industry Corporation five, deputy commander Chinese Aerospace Corporation five assistant dean, Shenzhou spacecraft systems, Chinese Aerospace Industry Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five vice president, Party committee, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation v. Dean, deputy secretary of the Party committee, the Shenzhou two to five spacecraft system commander, Chinese science and Technology Association of the Seventh National Committee (Part-time) vice chairman, deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Party members, Chinese science and Technology Association of the Eighth National Committee Vice Chairman (Part-time), director of the Party committee of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ningdong energy chemical base Party committee secretary, the CMC, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Autonomous Region Party committee, government Vice president, director of office of Ningdong energy chemical base Party committee secretary, the CMC, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Party committee, executive vice chairman, autonomous regional government deputy party secretary, district government Ningdong energy chemical base Party committee secretary, the CMC chairman. Seventeenth alternate members of the central committee. Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, executive vice governor, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, vice chairman of the Eighth National Committee of China Association for science and Technology (part-time). (resume source: Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government) source: Zhejiang news editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

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Singles before nude! Take TA to the Sohu when 5.20 of the tourism exchange solemn vows and pledges, my vacation in Hainan, has moved in seven Xian Lingshui Narada perfume Bay and Baoting Ling Jun Lan, "seaworn" and "ShanMeng are met". But just a few of the couple in the wedding trip in the two hotels "exchange solemn vows and pledges". Romantic and festive everywhere. Narada perfume Bay Resort Hotel is located in Lingshui County, famous perfume Bay Resort, opposite the cattle ridge ecological park stretches south facing the vast sea, Chinese, Hui and other islands in the South China sea. The hotel has seven hundred meters of natural private coastline, grand sea boundless mirror holder outdoor swimming pool. Narada Resort & Spa Qixian Mount is located in Baoting Xian seven Ridge National Forest Park, is a "tropical rainforest" and "hot springs and streams for the characteristics of the health theme hotel, the hotel has China most pleasant tropical rainforest, 97 natural hot springs and streams, romantic rainforest and SPA Li and Miao nationality folk customs. Perfume bay "sea", seven Xian Ling "mountain" is composed of "and the sea as the oath, and mountain League" and "second half", is a taste of Hainan folk customs and landscape planning, making many new wedding wedding and Honeymoon Wedding and a series of good choice. The remotest corners of the globe in Hainan, Narada in seven in exchange solemn vows and pledges of Xian Ling Junlan [ShanMeng] find in Narada perfume Bay [] from seven cents for seaworn ridge to perfume Bay, from mountain to seaworn, from tropical rainforest to perfume Bay coast detached Les Loges Du Park Hotel, Southeast Asian style Deluxe Pool Villa, like Narada Resorts quality that is not the same romantic experience. Love [seven cents] love Ling Jun Lan Xian Ling seven Junlan double boundless, like most of the Bali Island Ubud tropical rainforest in the boundless sky garden. The insects in the tropical rainforest birds, quiet environment, and TA hug in the quiet pool, good romantic! Love in seven Xian Ling Jun Lan, here in addition to super beautiful double boundless, and [like]! Fall in love with Narada perfume Bay, here is the seaworn []! Boundless love Narada perfume Bay, love perfume Bay Narada detached villa, love Narada perfume Bay Beach, pool love perfume Bay Narada home tea, love perfume Bay Narada glass church in Shanhai meet Narada "singles day is coming, Narada perfume Bay Resort Hotel and Narada Resort & Spa Qixian Mount to the Hangzhou food! On the afternoon of November 3rd, a romantic and beautiful brand show was held at the Narada Grand Hotel. This called "Shanhaiguan hand met Narada" and "product launches by the Hainan exchange solemn vows and pledges" Baoting county and Lingshui County Tourism Development Committee to Narada Hotel Group jointly organized. Zhou Xiaoqing, director of Lingshui Tourism Development Committee, deputy director of the Baoting Tourism Development Committee, the president of the hotel group, Mr. Wang Jianping, Liu Jun, vice president, attended the promotion meeting, such as the president of the. Rich ethnic customs of Li and Miao dance, special nose flute, originated from folk dance legend "Gan Gong bird", have staged drama exchange solemn vows and pledges, show the Hainan Sanya customs and romance. As the best vacation in AHF2016相关的主题文章:

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Hualian mayor election countdown key moment   blue green coffee – Taiwan channel turns platform — people.com.cn people.com.cn on 25 August, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Hualian mayor election countdown to the critical moment, the National Party did not dare let down, have sent the big coffee to Hualian campaign. The president Hong Xiuzhu and the Kuomintang legislator Wu Zhiyang accompanied the candidate Wei Jiaxian worship votes; DPP "legislators" by Xiao Meiqin Zhang Meihui to accompany the candidate Fu’an temple incense and praying, legislators Lin Changzuo accompany Zhang meihui street last night. Wu Zhiyang called for more than 50 young friends all day long, accompanied by the KMT Hualian mayoral candidate Wei Jiaxian cruising the streets. Wu Zhiyang said that the Kuomintang to win back the hearts of young people, we must start from the ground, so many young people call together to help the young Wei Jiaxian cheer. Hong Xiuzhu evening arrived in Hualian after the family worship the ticket, this is her fourth degrees to Hualian campaigning, until the night before the election, she said to look forward to campaigning, Wei Jiaxian was elected, and hope that the attack to discredit Wei Jiaxian family words can not overdo sth.. Wei Jiaxian stressed that if elected mayor, must cooperate with the county government and other towns, and actively promote the municipal, will make a public participation, more young people to serve the people of the opportunity, if elected, a family service, the rest of the family will not run for office, to smash outside the "whole bowl to hold" rumors. The day before Zhang Meihui and the DPP legislators Xiao Meiqin, Party officials and others accompanied to Fu’an temple incense and praying last night, legislators Lin Changzuo also send tickets to Hualian to join the streets lineup, he stood in the city of Golden Triangle and Zhang meihui to contact people sincerely requested, then diverge to the east gate and the city streets. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章:

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Go on the go! Suitable for family travel resort inventory! Sohu travel family travel is never an easy thing, choose a suitable resort can make the trip less trouble, more fun, easy to enjoy the good times. Whether it is skiing or North Island Resort, following several resorts, presumably can satisfy every pursuit of quality and the needs of tourists. What are you waiting for? Take your family and go on a trip together! [Maldives] Angsana Velavaru Resort is located in the center of the original Nanni Randall Atoll, Angsana Velavaru Resort has a fashionable Villa Aqua and pirate villa, let you go out you can enjoy the charming scenery of Hai Qing sand. Whether you’re looking for adventure, romance, or relaxation, Angsana Velavaru Resort will inspire you. Dolphin cruises, night snorkeling trip, looking for sharks magical underwater exploration, endless adventures waiting for you. Angsana Velavaru Resort brings you a vibrant island life experience. Recommended experience: 1, looking for dolphins from the catamaran or speedboat jump, a head jumped into the waves. Have the opportunity to watch the dolphin family. The sight of these strange mammals leaps upon the surface of the water. 2, take a banana boat and family share the joy of riding a banana boat. Feel the thrill of being dragged through the water. With every sea shock scream, enjoy leisure fun after the fall into the lagoon. 3, the water exploration floating on the interesting tube or by boat drag floating in the water. Enjoy an afternoon of family fun, you and your child just relax. Close your eyes, bathed in warm sunshine, joy in the afternoon gradually calm, feel quiet pleasure. Yi Hu Lu of Angsana join in on the island, feel the call of nature and luxurious and comfortable accommodation experience. The deep blue sea boundless sea, the growth of dazzling sea creatures, make your eyes is Muhanshenzui. Feel the thrill of trembling in the air through your nerves, all over your body. Sitting on the swing of the private garden of Maldives to ease the body and mind, with the swing of the soul swing. Gently kick the crystal clear water, watching the layers of ripples spread far into the India ocean. Can also enjoy the joy of diving in the famous ship Rannamaari, or sitting in our beach bar with elegant dolphin sipping cocktails. Come to Iraq Hu Lu Yuechun resort, the entire island for you alone. Recommended experience: 1, canoeing and kayak family. Rowing out to sea. 2, half the island snorkeling excursions. Catamaran ride. Jump on the local island. Maldives hospitality experience. Exploring the underwater marine life in Maldives. 3, participate in the protection of the program to the marine protection laboratory experts to learn. Learn how to take care of local wildlife. Help protect sea turtles, seabirds and coral conservation areas. [Indonesia] Bintan Island Angsana go barefoot in shallow waters, pick up a few beautiful shells as a souvenir. Oblique.相关的主题文章: